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GDC/City Wire Cloth
Barriers, Ceiling Panels, Elevator Panels, Exhibition Displays, Gates, Grillwork, Railing Guards, Room Dividers, Screening Devices, Soffits, Stair Guards, Store Displays, Sun Shades, Ventilation Covers, Wall Coverings, Wall Panels, Aviary Netting.

Combining numerous available mesh patterns, various metals, custom sizes and shapes allow the designer a wide range of flexibility.

Various metal surfaces of wire mesh create visual contrast with other materials. The appeal of wire mesh is that it takes on the color of its surroundings and reflects them. Used indoors or out. Wire mesh assists to merge design and environment.

M a t e r i a lC h a r a c t e r i s t i c s

Available Sizes:

Many architectural wire meshes can be produced in widths up to 9 1/2 feet and lengths of 100 feet or more. This assists in eliminating many measurement restrictions. Generous applications without seams are feasible due to the materials own stability.

Resistant to Corrosion and Weathering:

By choosing a stainless steel or aluminum wire, corrosion and weathering are virtually eliminated in almost any environment.

Low Maintenance:

Generally; wire mesh requires no special maintenance after its installation.

Sound Absorption:

Excellent acoustic values are achieved when wire mesh is used for suspended ceilings and wall coverings. Sound is interrupted as a result of the structure of the wire mesh.


Varying requirements can be satisfied using wire mesh. Equipment such as cables pipes, ductwork, or electrical conduit can be hidden or protected behind wire mesh. Air and light can pass through larger opening weaves or can be restricted with tighter, smaller opening weaves.


Wire mesh is not flammable; it can therefore be used in residential, commercial and public buildings with no special considerations for fire safety.

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