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GDC/City Wire Cloth offers custom weaving capabilities for woven wire mesh up to 91/2 feet wide in square mesh and clear openings. Our weaving range is from 4 inch square openings with a .250 inch wire diameter to 12 mesh, with a .028 inch wire diameter. Beyond custom weaving we also maintain a large inventory of stock woven and welded mesh.

Many wire specifications are available in various metals such as plain steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and bronze.

Fabrication services such as cutting to custom sizes and shapes provide flexibility in design, uniform fit and minimum of waste. Combining numerous available mesh patterns.

Combining numerous available mesh patterns, various metals, custom sizes and shapes allow the designer a wide range of flexibility.

Various metal surfaces of wire mesh create visual contrast with other materials. The appeal of wire mesh is that it takes on the color of its surroundings and reflects them. Used indoors or out. Wire mesh assists to merge design and environment.

GDC/City Wire Cloth provides its customers with the highest level of service and support. The Sales Department handles requests for price and delivery quickly and efficiently, and technical support is provided to insure the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide quality products ordered on time, every time. GDC/City Wire Cloth is the most reliable supplier in the business. And we prove it by offering the only 100% on time delivery guarantee in the wire cloth industry. Very simply, if your order does not leave our warehouse on the day we promise we will give an automatic 5% credit on any late item when it is shipped. We provide a monthly report to each customer showing the status of their orders shipped during the month, and any resulting late delivery credit. That's it. We ship on time or we pay.


Information Needed


How and where is the mesh going to be used.


Number of openings per inch, or measurement from center of wire to center of wire.

Wire Diameter:

Size of wire in decimals of an inch.


Metal to be used in weaving.


Size: width/length.


Number of pieces or total square feet required.

Special Treatment:

Special crimps or weaving pattern. Coating or paint. Shape or pattern to be cut.

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