GDC City Wire Cloth

Order Information


When ordering, requesting samples, or making inquiries, please furnish specifications as complete as possible and the intended use to help insure full satisfaction.

Information Needed:

Type: Square mesh, hardware cloth, bolting cloth, filter cloth

Mesh: Number of openings per lineal inch, or measurement from center of wire to center of wire

Weave: Standard, Dutch, Plain, or Twilled

Wire Diameter: In decimals, first warp then shule if different sizes

Metal: Include alloy

Special Treatment: Such as special crimps, calendaring, selvage

Quantity/Dimensions: Length and width

Intended use: Include operating temperatures, corrosive agents, other

Fabricated Parts: Ideally, we prefer a sample for a quotation and production guide. If not available, please furnish a drawing or print including intended use.

NOTE: Basket dimensions are taken as inside dimensions unless specified otherwise.


Type: Square mesh

Mesh: .14 mesh

Weave: Standard

Wire Diameter: .020

Metal: Stainless steel, type 304 SS

Special Treatment: Selvaged 2 sides

Quantity/Dimensions: 100 ft., 36 " wide

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