Gerard Daniel Worldwide has custom weaving capabilities in its U.S. and European operations. The U.S. facility located in Hanover, PA, represents the largest domestic weaver of industrial wire cloth. The European facility, located in the Republic of Ireland, specializes in fine and (ultra-fine) mesh for a variety of industrial applications.

High speed, state-of-the-art precision looms are dedicated to industrial wire cloth production, so we can provide the response you require for any size order. Whether it's a large quantity or a very specialized product, Gerard Daniel Worldwide can provide and deliver it - on time and within your specifications. And, to make sure you get what you want in form and finish, we offer the broadest possible range of processing operations. Our weaving operation provides the ability to manufacture short runs of specialty meshes and alloys, with quick turn around time, in addition to full roll runs of 100 linear feet and greater.


The GDW companies can offer over 5,000 different items from stock or from standard production, by far the largest variety available from anyone. Regularly, however, our customers require a product which requires a custom production run. In the area of custom weaving the GDW companies offer the widest choice of options, from a position of strength. In analyzing a custom weaving job several issues are considered; including quality, lead time, domestic vs. foreign, size of production run and cost.

Custom weaving at the GDW companies is based on what is best for our customers, not what we can or cannot do. Because we are the largest weaver of industrial wire cloth, we can consider each variable and come up with the best production plan possible.

For long of short runs, our capacity provides the flexibility to create light to medium grade meshes with mesh counts up to 100 in all weavable metals and alloys. GDW provides custom weaving concentrates on carbon steel including galvanizing and epoxy coated materials, special alloys including; high temperature and high nickel materials, precrimped and welded products.

Our companies also specialize in short runs of coarse mesh on precrimp looms in all weavable alloys including; carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, high temperature and high nickel alloys.

GDW/European Division specializes in fine and ultra-fine weaving for a variety of industrial applications.

GDW/Gerard Daniel is the largest importer of industrial wire cloth. Our worldwide association with the best weavers in Europe and the Far East gives us great flexibility in sourcing a custom weaving job to meet our customers' requirements. For our customers in the United States, these import products are available through GDW/Western Division.

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