There is more to supplying wire cloth to a customer than a low price per square foot. Gerard Daniel Worldwide is committed to offering our customers the lowest total cost for these products. Besides the square foot cost, other factors considered include value added requirements and the cost of scrap.

It is in these areas the GDW fabrication services can offer significant total cost reductions for our customers.

Our weaving operation provides the ability to manufacture short runs of specialty meshes and alloys with quick turn around time in addition to full roll runs of 100 linear feet and greater.

Gerard Daniel Worldwide offers extensive slitting operations allowing the user to purchase material in varying widths, and in can be provided with or without cores, and in lengths of up to 1,000 feet or more can be provided.

High volume with exact tolerances are available from one of our many precision cutting machines.

Flattening and thickness reduction are available for your critical applications.

Annealing and sintering services are available for full rolls, coils and pieces.

Teflon coating of stainless steel and Monel mesh are available for various filtration and fuel/water separation applications. Specialty coatings such as aluminizing, boron, black zinc, epoxy and anodizing are available for various industrial applications.

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