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Micron Mesh Filters – Part One: Evaluating 6 meshes each with a 60 micron retention.

Selecting a micron wire mesh can be a daunting task. To better understand the complexities of mesh selection overall, let’s consider the more limited example of just choosing a 60-micron filtration mesh.  We will first discuss some of the variables in what you expect the mesh to accomplish, followed by a comparison of the ways…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Wire Mesh: How to Choose the Correct Metal (or Alloy) for Wire Mesh Applications

Wire mesh, also known as wire cloth, is most commonly woven from stainless steel, however, with the right equipment and settings, almost all metal wire can be woven into a mesh. Below are the properties and features of different alloys and which applications suit them best. Aluminum: Lightweight, good electrical conductor, and resists atmospheric corrosion;…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Wire Mesh: The Basic Terminology

Each industry has its own specific terminology – and the wire cloth industry is no different. Below are the most common terms used when discussing wire, wire mesh and cloth, and the different types of weaves and manufacturing methods. Acoustic Mesh: This mesh is woven to achieve specific sound attenuation objectives typically defined by a…

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