We know that simply selling standard products at a fair price does not create special value for customers.

Our Mission is to provide our customers exceptional value by creating custom integrated solutions that reduce our customers’ costs, reduce their required inventory investments, improve their staff’s efficiency and increase their ability to better service their customers

The Gerard Daniel Worldwide companies are committed to offering services that support our Mission.

  • Crimp Weaving
  • Screen Weaving
  • Slitting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Stamping
  • Tool & Die Shop
  • Welding

Custom Wire Drawing

Our wire operations provide drawn to size processing services for stainless and nickel alloy wire. We process round and shaped wire in bright and matte finishes with quick turnaround time and no minimum requirements.

Straight & Cut To Length

We provide wire straightening to produce round, square, and hex shaped bar, which is cut to your desired length and packaged per your requirements. Additional bar services include precision and centerless grinding.

Spooling & Coiling

We provide wire straightening to produce round, square, and hex shaped bar, which is cut to your desired length and packaged per your requirements. Additional bar services include precision and centerless grinding.

Custom Weaving

Our weaving operations provide the ability to manufacture both short and long runs of wire cloth with quick turnaround time. We can manufacture both standard and unique mesh counts in plain, twilled and Dutch weave patterns for most alloys. We also manufacture pre-crimp product up to 10’ wide in various crimp styles and mesh patterns.

Custom Welded Mesh

We provide welded mesh panels in standard and non-standard sizes and mesh counts with quick turnaround time and no minimum requirements.

Slitting & Shearing

We offer extensive slitting and shearing operations allowing you to purchase only the wire cloth that you need. Slit coils can be provided with or without cores, in widths as small as ¼” and in lengths up to 1,000 feet. If you prefer your wire cloth in pieces, we can shear pieces to your size requirements regardless of quantities.


We offer a variety of custom cutting solutions that include laser, waterjet, and plasma technologies. We will select the right method to handle the product, application and your specific requirements. From simple to complex shapes, prototype to mass production, we have the solution.

Coatings & Finishes

We offer coatings and finishes that can enhance corrosion protection, durability, aesthetic value, electrical properties, as well as numerous other benefits. Common metallic coatings applied to wire include nickel, copper, cadmium, zinc or tin. Wire cloth coatings include epoxy, polyester, Teflon, paint, galvanized and hydrophobic materials. Chemical processing can provide electro-polish, anodized, passivated, or etched finishes to the surface of the material.


We offer a variety of cleaning options to remove oils, dirt, or debris from our wire, wire cloth and wire cloth components. Whether it be vapor degreasing, ultrasonic, aqueous or mechanical, we have a cleaning method to meet your requirements.


Wire cloth flattening and thickness reduction are available for controlled thickness or other surface critical applications.

Heat Treating

Wire and wire cloth products can be stress relieved, annealed or metallurgically bonded to alter mechanical properties of the material. Heat treatments can improve elongations, softness, or formability of the material. We offer batch and strip/strand processing using vacuum and reducing atmospheres.

Our unique ColdBond™ process bonds the wires at their crossover points. This fusing enhances wire cloth rigidity, improves conductivity and eliminates wire fraying.


Multiple layers of wire cloth products can be laminated or bonded together for your specific needs.


We offer reliable, automated spot and seam resistance welding, as well as TIG, MIG and Laser welding for custom wire cloth components. Our processes are designed to ensure strong, quality welds while focusing on precision and repeatability.

Forming & Stamping

Our forming and stamping capabilities can create the shaped custom wire cloth component you need. With a wide array of presses, brakes, rollers and other unique forming equipment, we can fabricate components to your drawing or unique specifications.

Complete Tool & Die Shop

Our experienced machinist can build, repair, or maintain your tooling. With in-house CNC milling machines, lathes and wire EDM machines we provide short lead times and excellent value.


Our quality and metallurgical laboratories allow us to test the mechanical, chemical and physical properties to ensure we meet your product specifications.


We offer a variety of inventory and logistic solutions, including our proprietary Continuous Replenishment System (CRS) to help customers reduce their inventory investments, free up floor space and improve their administrative efficiency.

Inventory Management

We offer a complete solution including in house machining and tool building services. You can expect accurate machining, the lowest possible lead times and excellent value for money with all our tool and die services.

Product Development

We can work with your team to provide solutions for prototype services, contract manufacturing or private label products.