Separator Machines

Performa™ Vibratory Separator Machine


At 24 or 30 inches in diameter, our Performa™ series vibratory separator machines offer all the functionality of the larger machines while still retaining some of the convenience of our Compact™ model. Still small enough to move around the shop, but big enough for some serious throughput all day every day. Changing or cleaning the frames and screens of the Performa series is manageable by just one person. The Performa series does not usually require a screen tensioner.

Screener Specifications

Nominal Specs Performa™ 24 Performa™ 30
Screen Diameter 24 in
(610 mm)
30 in
(762 mm)
Screen Area 450 in2
(2900 mm2)
700 in2
(4500 mm2)
Motor Power 1/3 hp 2/3 hp
Electrical Connection* 230/460V, 3φ, 1.36/0.68A 230/460V, 3φ, 2.7/1.35A
Frame Ring Height 6 in
152 mm
6 in
152 mm
Shipping Weight
(For a Single Deck model)
350 lbs
160 kg
450 lbs
200 kg
*120V, 1φ, 4A is available on request as requires additional electronic phase converter


  • Adjustable shaker counterweights to fine tune vertical and horizontal vibration
  • Stainless steel deck, rings, screens
  • Powder coated mild steel base and motor table
  • 6 in tall stainless steel table and spacing frames with 6 in diameter tangential discharge spout
  • One screen in mesh count to meet your sizing / sorting requirements per screen deck ordered


  • Stainless steel motor table or base
  • Optional electronic phase converter allows for use with standard 120V 15A outlet
  • Configurable with up to 3 screen decks
  • Locking caster wheels


Parts and Accessories

Shaker Screener Dimensions

Our machines are CE and FDA certified and are compliant to the specifications of the following bodies – CFIA, USDA, 3A Dairy, ASTM, HPRA.