Do You Produce & Supply Molded Pulp Containers to Your Customers?
You Could Save Time & Money On Wire Form Production!

At Gerard Daniel, we are an industry leader in wire mesh and wire mesh components.

Your Business: Supplying Molded Pulp Containers to Your Customers

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Our mission is to help you by:


Raw Materials


Collection/ Storage


Pulp Factory

We Can Help With Wire Forms!

Forming and Drying


Printing/ Labeling


Finished Pulp Molds

Do you incur high Forming $$ costs from producing your wire forms?

  • High scrap costs?
  • Multiple rework costs?
  • Resource Intensive?

Let us help you lower your cost of wire form production!

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Gerard Daniel is a development partner. We will trade ideas, give the go-ahead, and Gerard Daniel will run with it. The results are always outstanding. Ralph S. Supplier Quality Manager
We view Gerard Daniel as an extension of our business. They are not treated like an external supplier. Gerard Daniel is our right arm. Ralph M. Sales & Customer Manager
Gerard Daniel's people are engineers at heart. They know how to come up with ideas and solutions. They know how to save money on things like manufacturability and standardization of materials between the various sizes. Kelly H. Global Procurement Manager
I wish Gerard Daniel would explain to the rest of my suppliers and how they achieve such good performance! Everything is going very smoothly. Joe K. Global Commodity Manager
Gerard Daniel's quality beats everybody else's quality. This is where Gerard Daniel stands out. Paul R. General Manager
Gerard Daniel did an outstanding job working with me to fine tune this process. The result has been incredible and gives us a ton of confidence about working with Gerard Daniel. Ralph S. Supplier Quality Manager
We never have problems with availability and delivery. Gerard Daniel delivers like clockwork. Brian V. General Manager of Operations
Gerard Daniel is proactive in identifying cost-cutting measures. We work very closely together on these opportunities on a regular basis. Ralph M. Sales & Customer Manager

With over 60 years in business as North America's largest supplier of wire mesh, we've learnt a thing or two about producing quality wire forms. We can work with you on design, prototyping and manufacturing - lowering the costs and time of new designs to market, delivering a high quality wire formed product to you so you can concentrate on meeting your customers' molded pulp container deliveries.


Supply Metal Porous Media
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Tooling Design & Manufacture


Deep Drawn Wire Forms
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Production Prototyping
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In-house Heat Treatment


Individualized Inventory Control

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Lower your overall product cost with our wire form expertise.

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We can help you lower your production costs by working in the following areas:

  1. Provide a full Engineering service for your tooling
    Our engineers will work with you to design and manufacture your tooling and complete the prototype process. Learn More...
  2. Recommend the media required to make your wire form
    We'll examine the requirements for your product and determine what your wire form should be made from (wire cloth, perforated or expanded metal) for optimal quality and lowest cost of ownership. Learn More...
  3. Manufacture your pulp / fiber molded wire forms
    We'll use our expertise to manufacture your wire form to your exact specification using our in-house annealing and production stamping capabilities, producing great quality, cost effective wire forms. Learn More...
  4. Provide Inventory Control Programs
    We'll keep your production line stocked with our personalized Continuous Replenishment System (CRS).

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