Materials Management

Extensive Ready-to-Ship Product Inventory

Gerard Daniel is known for having the largest wire cloth inventory in North America. We stock and have immediate availability of more than 5000 different types of wire mesh and cloth and can easily source many others. For stocked items, we offer same-day or next-day shipping. Customers can choose to ship their products air, ground, and sea freight to suit their timescale.

Customer Inventory Management

We can work with you to ensure you receive your product on-demand – whether that’s through blanket order agreements, our proprietary CRS program, or a custom solution. Our goal is to keep your product line running using the least amount of administrative effort.

Continuous Replenishment Service

We offer our proprietary Continuous Replenishment Service (CRS) for select customers. Using our custom portal, the service provides agreed inventory for you to use and pull material when needed. This ensures you always have inventory to hand without having to invest financially until it is consumed.

Testing & Quality Control

Our quality and metallurgical laboratories allow us to test the mechanical, chemical, and physical properties of your product to ensure we meet your specifications.

Testing for airflow & resistance ((Acoustics) RAYL Value)

One of the more specialist tests conducted during the weaving of acoustic wire mesh is Rayl testing. A Rayl is a unit of acoustic impedance or airflow resistance that is defined as the pascal second per cubic meter, also called an acoustic ohm. We differ from other manufacturers because we can test for Rayl values during the production of acoustic mesh and make minute tweaks to ensure the mesh meets the RAYL values specified by the drawings or sample provided. We then test in a controlled environment to certify the weave. Normal production ranges cover mesh rated 3 to 100 CGS or 30 to 1000 MKS

Custom Packaging Solutions

We specifically tailor the packaging to suit the products your company is receiving. The packaging precisely fits the products and protects them during standard or LTL shipping better than standard/generic packaging, ensuring they arrive at your facility undamaged. If you have a specific packaging need, we can help engineer a custom packaging solution.