Other Wire Mesh Filters

Gerard Daniel produces most sizes and types of wire mesh filters and strainers in stainless steel and other metals, including micron mesh filters.  Also we offer a wide range of secondary operations for processing, forming, as well as skilled engineering and testing to improve flow rates or capture and sort more solids.  For ongoing orders, Gerard Daniel can supply inventory management and Just-in-time delivery.

Injection Screens

Injection screens are installed between the fuel rail and the fuel injectors to prevent fine particles from clogging the fuel injectors.  About the size of a pencil eraser, they consist of an ultrafine 10-20 micron mesh mounted in a housing of plastic and metal.

Carburetor Screens

Carburetor screens prevent intake air from sucking debris into the carburetor of an engine.  Found on any carbureted engines from small two-cycle engines up to high performance four-cycle racing engines.

Transmission Screens

Transmission screens are molded into the transmission pan gasket and mount between the bottom of the transmission and the transmission oil pan to filter any debris out of the transmission fluid and prevent the debris from recirculating through the transmission where it could damage gears.

Brake Line Screens

Brake fluid screens are wire mesh screens located in the brake fluid reservoir under the cap and at the hose line connection.  They prevent debris from entering the brake lines.

Fuel Tank Filters

Fuel tank filters mount to the discharge of fuel storage tanks to prevent debris in the storage tank from being pumped into the equipment being refueled.

Air Conditioner Line Filters

Air conditioner line filters, also called filter/driers, remove water from the refrigerant and prevent debris in the refrigerant line from obstructing the expansion valve.  The liquid-line type goes between the condenser coil and the expansion valve.  The suction-line type goes between the evaporator and the compressor.

Steam Trap Filters

Steam trap filters are 20 micron wire mesh filters to prevent debris in the steam line from obstructing the operation of the steam trap valve which removes condensate from steam lines.

Water Pump Filters

Water pump filters mount at the intake of a water pump to prevent fouling of the pump from debris in the water line.  They are separate from water purification filters.

Gas Pump Filters

Gas pump filters mount to the discharge of a gas pump to prevent particulate contamination and moisture in the storage tank from being pumped into the equipment being refueled.  They are typically manufactured from wire mesh with 2- to 30-micron retention.

Tank Filters

Tank filters are mounted to the discharge of a storage tank to capture contaminants before they enter process equipment.  They are available in a variety of wire mesh sizes or shapes depending on the tank size and type of fluid being filtered.

Air Filters, Dryers, and Mufflers

Air filters, dryers, and mufflers are common components of air compressor systems.  The filters and dryers are located on the air line near the pressure regulator to remove dirt and moisture from the system.  The mufflers are located at the air intake to reduce compressor noise.