FOD screens

FODS, for Foreign Object Debris Screen, is an acronym specific to the military and aerospace industries. FOD screens, sometimes called rodent screens or barrier screens, are used to keep foreign objects out of moving blades, impellers, fans, or turbines where they could cause catastrophic damage in critical systems. Debris screens are typically fabricated from stainless or galvanized material. Gerard Daniel is a primary FOD screen manufacturer. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities ensure the highest quality compliance, economy, and on-time reliability for our customers’ FOD screens.

Production Standards

  • Gerard Daniel is a participating manufacturer in the Federal Supply Classification System.
    • CAGE Code 4L7R8
    • DUNS 010944478 / 01-094-4478
    • S.A.M. Registration   8D0K0 [62333765]
  • AS9100 and ISO9100 certified
  • DFARS compliant.
  • Prototyping turnaround time as little as one week for stocked materials


Gerard Daniel adds value to the FOD screens it fabricates with tight quality controls on forming, coating, and testing to assure each part meets the OEM customers’ compliance standards. All that adds up to delivering your FODS on time staged or packaged to your assembly line needs reliably and with minimal administrative oversight required.