Wire Cloth / Wire Mesh

Standard Welded Mesh

Welded wire mesh is constructed from rigid wires welded at every intersection to provide a very stable and uniform surface. By welding rather than weaving, the material holds its shape well without supports, allowing shearing, rolling, and framing to be done with relative ease.

welded wire

Welded Mesh

Welded mesh is available in stainless, plain, and pre-galvanized steel with specific finishes on request. We stock in widths of up to 10 ft and lengths from 20 ft to 100+ ft, depending on the mesh being requested. Mesh counts 1” to 4” center to center and inside to inside opening. For more information reference the datasheet or contact us.

U Channel Wire Mesh


Used to frame welded wire mesh, like a picture, U Channels have 3 main functions;

  1. Encloses the mesh taking away any sharp edges (depending on how the edges are cut)
  2. Allows it to be welded or attached mechanically into guard rails
  3. Stiffens the mesh and prevents damage to the wires.

We stock 12- and 18-gauge plain steel U Channels with a 1” width, supplied in 10ft lengths. Other gauges and Stainless or Aluminum are also available.