Separator Screen Parts

Our separator machines have many different parts that are essential to its use, some of which include slider rings, screen cleaning balls, perforated plates, clamp rings, separator covers & frames, and shaker boots. It is very important to make sure that these parts are properly maintained.

Deblinding is a common challenge with both wet and dry product screening in separator machines. Once screen openings are blocked, production suffers. Sliders, by themselves or in combination with balls, can help to alleviate this problem.

In a round separator machine, the balls are typically supported by a coarser screen located below the sizing screen. Vertical separator motion bounces the balls between the two screens.

In many separation processes, perforated plates support the slider rings and slider clusters used to de-blind product. In some applications perforated plates can be used in the place of wire mesh as a sizing media.

On vibrating separator machines, clamp rings create the connection between stacked frames. Clamp rings can either be standard release (where the two halves of the round screen clamp are conjoined by a nut and a bolt) or quick release.

Given the rigors of many production processes, separator parts like covers and frames may require replacement from time to time. Gerard Daniel’s separator machine frames and covers come in sizes ranging from 24″ to 60″.

Flex connectors for vibratory separator machines are often fabricated from EPDM, natural rubber, neoprene, or silicone. Natural rubber is a good general-purpose choice in many situations, including food-grade applications.