Pleated Wire Mesh Filters

As a pleated wire mesh filter manufacturer, we collaborate with Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop the right solutions for their assembly lines. From material selection to part staging in your factory, we can work with your team to not just get you the parts you need but integrate them into your supply chain for maximum assembly efficiency.


Pleated wire mesh filters are made up of a fine wire filtration mesh folded back and forth repeatedly so that a large surface area of mesh can fit into a small housing.  This allows for very fine filtration with high dirt holding capacity without imposing significant backpressure.  The pleated fine mesh is supported over a rigid core or bound by stiffer coarse mesh to help keep its shape, then capped at either end for attachment to form a complete pleated stainless steel filter cartridge.  We develop our products to give the greatest throughput while simultaneously maintaining the required micron filtration solution.


  • Typical diameters of 6 – 48 mm
  • Mesh – Tensile bolting cloth, mill or market grade or Dutch weaves
  • 1-to-5-layer construction
  • 30 to 180 micron mesh sizes
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • High flow rate capacities
  • Low pressure drop
  • 316 stainless steel standard, other alloys available


Oil & gas


Food & beverage



Heavy Machinery


The pleated wire mesh market got its start in the automotive industry with reusable cartridge oil filters – take out, wash, and replace. Today, there’s a wide variety of uses for pleated wire mesh filters on the market. The advantages of using a stainless steel pleated wire mesh filter is the long lifespan, easy maintenance, and low cost.

  • For one project, our engineering expertise assisted an aerospace firm to develop a pleated mesh filter that’s smaller than the size of a pen!
  • In another example, our engineers helped a winery redesign their filters after the winery changed its process from what the original OEM had specified. The winery had tried other filters and manufacturers but weren’t getting the results they were seeking. Our engineers assisted in developing the right solution.