Inline Mesh Filters

As a highly versatile filter and suction strainer manufacturer, we provide our customers with complete, customized, in-house capabilities to meet their design and production needs from a single source. We build-to-print and develop solutions, collaborating with our customers to improve manufacturability and lower the cost of production

We fabricate filters for manufacturers of components used in fuel injection and hydraulic systems, refrigerant assemblies, agricultural spray systems, and many other similar applications.


Inline mesh filters are often referred to as “last chance filters” and are used to catch whatever debris may be introduced from an upstream process to keep it out of the final system. In their basic form, they are not used for filtration or separation so much as they are intended to keep contaminants out of a process that could damage the internals. For added functionality, some manufacturers incorporate desiccates into their filters to remove moisture as well as particulate contaminants. From a simple mesh disk, cup, or cone to multi-component mesh cylinders crimp-fit with a metal flange or over-molded with a plastic frame, we are a completed, single-source provider.


  • Typically, 40 to 100 mesh stainless steel woven wire screen; custom mesh or material optional
  • Sizes from less than a milliliter to over 100 liter
  • All cutting, forming, and welding is done in-house
  • Plain mesh filters or apply secondary processes in-house
    • E.g., crimped to a metal mounting flange or over-molded with a plastic rim
  • Tested to burst pressure to ensure against seam separation or frame separation


Inline mesh filters are most often used in fuel injection systems and hydraulic systems, an important market application in the industrial vehicles segment. Inline mesh filters are also used in HVAC systems where inline filters are press-fitted into subassemblies for refrigerant lines. They are also important components in agricultural applications such as field spraying systems where they keep the spray nozzles clean and clog-free. Inline mesh filters are always incorporated into the OEM’s equipment and would not generally be replaced in the field.

  • Hydraulic systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Agricultural equipment