Engineered Solutions

With our roots in mesh, we have been evolving as an Engineering-led organization in the filtration and separation industry for over 70 years. Whether you have a build-to-print requirement or a full design project, our experienced engineers will work with you to develop and produce the filtration or separation solution you need to supply your production line.

Build to Print

Our experienced build-to-print team will provide you with a quick turnaround quote for a drawing of the filtration components you identify. We follow our proven (and scalable) steps:

Collaboration – How we go above and beyond: Our engineers will review your drawing for manufacturability and the lowest cost of supply. We may work with you to suggest design changes or material alternates that will not affect the performance but will lower the total cost to manufacture and therefore increase your bottom line.

Collaborative Engineered Design

As an Engineering-led organization, we find the best solution is to work with our customers before the final design prints are completed. Our experienced engineers are able to work with you (not only meeting your design requirements), but also designing the part to consolidate your supply chain and produce at the lowest cost to manufacture. We will concentrate on the following:

Focus AreaParametersOutcome
Filtration MediaSelect material, weave, alloy, specifications, heat treatment, coatingsMedia selected delivers the required performance
Component DesignConsider supporting media, end caps, housingOther filtration components determined and sourced
Manufacturing ProcessDesign lends itself to easy manufacture?Produced at the lowest cost of manufacture
Quality ControlDetermine parameters and frequency of measurementHigh quality, repeatable components, and assembly

Our goal is to use our strengths in global sourcing, expertise in filtration media, capabilities to manufacture, and experience in supply chain management to provide you with a quality, repeatable solution direct to your production line with the lowest cost of ownership.