Wire Cloth / Wire Mesh

Acoustic Mesh

Acoustic mesh is a particular type of wire mesh used to achieve precise sound attenuation or noise suppression objectives used in aerospace (typically nacelles and thrust reversers in jet engines) and consumer electronic noise reduction applications. It is woven to a precise Rayl value, which is a measure of acoustic impedance or airflow resistance.

Acoustic mesh can be woven from a wide range of mesh types, from plain square metal mesh with a greater open % area, to complex Dutch, Reverse Dutch, and Twilled weave patterns designed to produce a much finer open area and sound attenuation qualities. The latter is far more common in most acoustic applications.

Our experienced weavers bring many years of experience and knowledge in weaving acoustic mesh. What sets us apart is our efficiency and accuracy – for example, we continually measure the Rayl value of the mesh as it’s being woven and can make minute tweaks to ensure that it stays in specification even before it’s officially certified to the Rayl value in our quality lab.

We have the capability to weave acoustic mesh to meet Rayl values in the following ranges:

  • 3 – 100+ on the CGS scale
  • 30 – 1000+ on the MKS scale

We can also weave to a custom Rayl value. Often a customer will send us a sample with an unknown Rayl value and ask us to match the performance. Our skilled weavers and engineers will work with them to match it or advise the most suitable mesh depending on the application.

Since Gerard Daniel manufactures acoustic mesh to each customer’s exact requirements, we stock only those products our customers have on our Customer Replenishment System. However, we can produce prototype examples either to match an existing Rayl value or to test in a new product application.

Contact us to request a quote or to provide samples or prototypes for your next project.