Wire Cloth / Wire Mesh

Acoustic Mesh Applications

Acoustic mesh is a particular type of wire mesh used to achieve precise sound attenuation or noise suppression objectives used in aerospace (typically nacelles and thrust reversers in jet engines) and consumer electronic noise reduction applications. It is woven to a precise Rayl value, which is a measure of acoustic impedance or airflow resistance.

Consumer Electronics Application Bulletin

Gerard Daniel has deep experience and extensive capabilities in acoustic wire mesh to support
engineered solutions for the consumer electronics industry. Whether it’s earbuds or headphones,
cell phones or laptops, TVs or wireless speakers, we routinely collaborate with our electronics
customers to deliver acoustic mesh for perfect fit and function.

Gerard Daniel can meet your device’s durability and performance requirements using a wide range of
mesh products and techniques. We provide wire mesh components to cover openings on personal
electronic devices to prevent ingress of foreign debris such as pocket lint, sand, or crumbs. Our
hydrophobic coatings add more functionality to the mesh, making the devices water and sweat
repellant as well.

For device openings with speakers and microphones, Gerard Daniel has the expertise to control the
mesh’s specific acoustic impedance value. This often means providing mesh that is acoustically
transparent, with the lowest specific acoustic impedance possible (Rayl value). Gerard Daniel can
even weave mesh to a predetermined specific acoustic impedance for use in targeted frequency
dampen in.

Wire Mesh Secondary Options

  • Slitting
  • Heat Treating
  • Coating
  • Punching
  • Roll Hemming
  • Pre-Assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Pick and Place Staging

Weave Acoustic Wire Mesh

We can weave precise Specific Acoustic Impedance values within standard ranges of:

  • 3 – 100+ RAYL in CGS
  • 30 – 1,000+ RAYL in KMS

We also weave custom RAYL values on request.

Gerard Daniel offers value-added mesh solutions to designers and manufacturers of consumer
electronics products. Whether you just need competitive pricing on production mesh products, or if
you need bespoke mesh products woven to defined Rayl values and custom vapor deposition coatings,
speak to a Gerard Daniel application specialist.