Press Release: Vibratory Separator Machine Sizing App Introduced

Selecting the Right Vibratory Separator Machine can be Challenging

Gerard Daniel introduces a new online vibratory separator machine sizing app. Selecting the right size vibratory separator machine can be challenging. Between product density, particle size, screen apertures, multiple decks, and other variables, it has often been difficult for a novice user to become an expert in the technology in order to make a confident decision on a suitable machine for a new process.

The new separator machine sizing app not only makes it easy to select the right product from Gerard Daniel’s Performance-series machines, it works equally well for virtually any other round vibratory machine brand of similar configuration.

Once the user has the basic information ready, it takes only a few seconds to produce an accurate result. This data includes:

  • Material desired to pass through a single deck, lb/hr
  • Percentage of material passing through screen
  • Mesh type and required aperture
  • Product bulk density, lb/cu ft

Entering all these inputs into the app produces the recommended machine size for the specific application, from the 18-in. Compact model up to the 60-in. PerforMAX model, plus a reasonable safety factor. It also confirms the following specific mesh attributes:

  • Wire diameter
  • Opening, in inches and microns
  • % open area

For those looking for the math behind the app, Gerard Daniel has authored a blog with that information that guides the user to make their own calculations.

Customer Support

According to Kay Devlin, VP marketing with Gerard Daniel, “We work hard at supporting our customers with the very best tools and advice to help them select and maintain their separator machines. Customers often ask us which size of machine will be most efficient for them, and building the app was one of the ways we can help them make that determination. Of course, our technical sales team is always available to assist if the tools can’t easily solve a customer’s problem.”

Performance Series separator machines are successfully employed in many applications to sort raw materials into specific sizes, remove solids from waste streams, or scalp larger particles from smaller ones. These separator machines are used in food & beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, commercial laundries, abrasives, ceramics, mining, cannabis, and recycling.

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