Fabricated Metal Parts

Fabricated Metal Parts


We have the capabilities to provide and assemble most components of a filtration system. Whether you’re looking for a partner to produce a build-to-print assembly or want to discuss the filtration needs you have in more detail, we can collaborate with you to engineer your solution. Below are examples of the common components we manufacture outside of filter media. You can visit our capabilities page to learn more of what we can produce.


End Caps

Stamping out flat or formed components. Both can be resistance welded to the mesh media of filtration system.

Bindings, Flanges and End Rings

These are either stamped or laser cut and formed. The mesh is assembled into the binding / ring and folded over, held and clinched. If required, it can also be welded.

Cylindrical Forms

Mesh, perforated stock or other media is rolled and seam welded to provide the internal support for a filtration system.

Fabrication of Housing

We manufacture housing for filtration systems using our internal MIG/TIG welding and fabrication capabilities.

Other Components

Pipe and sheet welded components, booms, spray jet headers – these are a selection of the components we have provided for our customers’ filtration systems.