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Ideal Reel Products

Ideal reel products


Never surpassed in Quality and Efficiency, Ideal Reel Products were invented in the 1950s in partnership with manufacturers of tie wire to ensure the product range is heavy-duty but lightweight. Built to Last.


Ideal reel accessories

Ideal Reel - Model 99

The true original Tie Wire Reel. Efficient and compact, ideally designed for rewound coils as the Ideal Reel’s dispenser center hole is rectangular with rounded corners supporting the quick reversing of the roll for right- or left-handed users. Features a prominent grip for easy rewinding and built-in belt support.


Holds 14-to-18-gauge tie wire with and without coating

Designed for either right or left-hand use

Weighs only two pounds

Highest quality die-cast aluminum with all steel Interchangeable components

Made in the U.S.A.

Ideal reel leather belt

Ideal Work Belt

Designed by Steelworkers for Steelworkers. Strong heavy-duty leather construction devised to hold all your pouches and holders. Features a double-tongued brass-finished strong buckle, and cross-stitch embossing – the perfect toolbelt for a steelworker.


2" Heavy Duty Work Belt

Accepts tunnel-loop and slotted pouches and holders

Strong, Lightweight, Leather

Made in the U.S.A.

leather holder

Ideal Reel Pad

Designed to minimize hip fatigue, the Ideal Real pad is worn on work belts under the Ideal Reel Model 99 Tie Reel. Manufactured from thick rigging leather with an underside built-in comfortable sponge-rubber pad with hand-inspected stitching. Features double 2” slots to ensure correct positioning on your work belt.


Designed for Tie Reels

7” by 7” by 3/16” thick pad

Slots accommodate work belts up to 2” wide

Sturdy, Lightweight, Leather

Made in the U.S.A.

Ideal reel leather clip

Ideal Leather Twister Clip

Designed to be worn on work belts to hold the Ratchet Style Wire Twister, to ensure ease of access and drop prevention. It is constructed from strong heavy-duty leather with a 4” loop. Features a durable safety clip to ensure easy and quick access at your thigh and a strong hold on the Ratchet Style Wire Twister or other tools.


Designed for Ratchet Style Wire Twister

Tough Clip

Loop accommodates work belts up to 4” wide

Strong, Lightweight, Leather

Made in the U.S.A.

Ideal Leather Nip Holder

Ideal Leather Nip Holder

Designed to be worn on work belts to hold Nip / End Cutters, to ensure ease of access, and to prevent drops. Produced from thick rigging leather with an ergonomically designed steel fitment designed to firmly hold end cutting steel erectors pliers and similar cutters.


Designed for Nip / End Cutters

Durable Steel Fitment

Loop accommodates work belts up to 4” wide

Sturdy, Lightweight, Leather and Steel

Made in the U.S.A.

Manual Tie Wire Twister

Manual Tie Wire Twister

This Ideal product was designed to make wire tying quicker; In two or three twists the tie is complete. Features a custom wooden easy-grip pistol grip style handle, efficient size, textured never-slip tip, and engineered for continuous smooth twist action.


Designed for quick Wire Tying

Textured never-slip tip

Smooth twist action

Simple, Strong, Lightweight, Wood and Steel

Ratchet Tie Wire Twister

Ratchet Tie Wire Twister

This Ideal product was engineered alongside Wireworkers to make wire tying quicker and more efficient. This Ideal wire twister will save you time with its designed ratcheting capabilities. Produced with high-quality steel and silicone to means it is a heavy-duty and long-life dependable tool. Features an easy-grip handle to reduce hand fatigue.


Engineered for quick and efficient Wire Tying

Time saving ratchet style design

Easy grip handle reduce hand fatigue

Heavy duty, long life tool

Strong, Lightweight, Silicone and Steel

Ideal merchant coils

Ideal Reel Rebar Tie Wire

Ideal Reel Rebar Tie Wire is fully annealed wire for use in the construction and insulation industry. Gerard Daniel’s annealing process continuously produces a soft, but strong wire, giving it the flexibility that is necessary for quick tying and the strength to hold. Rebar tie wire is commonly used in reinforcing steel bars and constructing concrete buildings and swimming pools. Suggested to be employed in bundling products such as wire, rod, lumber, PVC tubes, and pipe.



Wire size: 14 to 18 gauge

Weight: ~3.5 lbs./roll

Alloys: Black Annealed, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Copper PVC

Packaged in 20 per case or 48 per skid

Domestic & Import Available