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PerforMAX™ Vibratory Separator Machine

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At 48 or 60 inches in diameter, our PerforMAX™ series separator/screener machines are the workhorse of the line. This machine can sort, sift, separate or classify all day, every day. The PerforMAX series also comes with a screen tensioner.

Screener Specifications

Nominal Specs PerforMAX™ 48 PerforMAX™ 60
Screen Diameter 48 in
(1219 mm)
60 in
(1524 mm)
Screen Area 1800 in2
(11,600 mm2)
2800 in2
(18,000 mm2)
Motor Power 2.5 hp 2.5 hp
Electrical Connection 230/460V, 3φ, 8.2/4.1A 230/460V, 3φ, 8.2/4.1A
Frame Ring Height 8 in
(203 mm)
8 in
(203 mm)
Shipping Weight
(For a Single Deck model)
1150 lbs
(520 kg)
1400 lbs
(635 kg)


  • Adjustable shaker counterweights to fine tune vertical and horizontal vibration
  • Stainless steel deck, rings, screens
  • Powder coated mild steel base and motor table
  • The 48 in machine has 8 in tall stainless steel table and spacing frames with 8 in diameter tangential discharge spout
  • The 60 in machine has 10 in tall stainless steel table frame and 8 in spacing frames with 8 in diameter tangential discharge spout
  • One screen in mesh count to meet your sizing / sorting requirements per screen deck ordered
  • Screen tensioner


  • Stainless steel motor table or base
  • Configurable with up to 4 screen decks


Parts and Accessories

Shaker Screener Dimensions

Our machines are CE and FDA certified and are compliant to the specifications of the following bodies – CFIA, USDA, 3A Dairy, ASTM, HPRA.